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May 18, 2011, 8:32:09 AM (12 years ago)
Nicklas Nordborg

Hmm... I tried some other variants and I am pretty sure the problem is with empty "Sampling date" and "RNA Later date". If I give values for them, I can save with an empty PAD. If there are no date+time values, it doesn't matter if a PAD is given or not. The "Create" button doesn't work.

There is a workaround... Use 'Tab' (or the mouse) to step through the input fields so that each date+time box is selected and deselected at least once. The "Create" button will now work.

I think the problem is that when the form is loaded all fields starts out in 'invalid' state. Each field is usually validated when it loses the input focus. Empty date+time are considered valid by the validation function, but this is only called when:

  1. There are date+time values when the form is loaded
  2. The date+time fields are deselected

The solution is that the "Sampling date" and "RNA Later date" should start in 'valid' state when the form is loaded.


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     1This problem is related to empty "Sampling date" and "RNA Later date" and has been replaced with #323.
    13When a specimen tube exists in BASE without a PADCase annotation, and reggie is used to enter Case information for the tube reggie refuses to let the registrar to save if no PADCase is entered.