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    33 * In change set [ [4788]] case summary for active project SCAN-B-rec was updated to use its own set of JSP and Javascript files, to allow for project specific changes. This was accomplished by letting JSP file `index.jsp` in `resources/` select either JSP file `case_summary.jsp` or `case_summary_alt_rec.jsp` as the button target for the case summary input field, depending on whether the active project differed from "SCAN-B-rec" or not (this solution might be changed in the future for one using configuration settings). However, the icon link to case summary in some BASE tables and property tabs, currently link to the original `case_summary.jsp` JSP file. This should be updated to also select the proper case summary version, depending on the project name.
     5The following files are instrumental in making case summary accessible via icon link in column in BASE sample lists, or in tool bar in sample property tabs:
     15 * File `src/net/sf/basedb/meludi/extensions/` controls the case summary icon link in a column in BASE sample lists.
     17 * Files `src/net/sf/basedb/meludi/extensions/` and `resources/scripts/case-summary.js` control the case summary icon link in tool bar in sample property tabs. The first sets values of named parameters, that are used by the second, that selects the case summary JSP file. By updating the extension to set the name of the active project to a new parameter, script `case-summary.js` can access this and select the case summary version depending on the project name.