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    33 * Requests have been made that it should be possible to manually write a date on the lower short side of the adhesive stickers on some of the referral forms. To simplify this, new referral form templates will be provided, with vertical sticker text moved 3-4 mm upwards, and a short horizontal line being added near the bottom of each sticker for the date entry. The following updates are desired for the generated bar code/text:[[BR]]a. The bar code and accompanying text should analogously be moved upwards to make room for the date entry.[[BR]]b. The horizontal referral/case ID on the top of the sticker should be moved a little upwards, in order to not lie too close to the vertical text on the sticker, after the former was moved upwards.[[BR]]c. Both the upper and lower horizontal referral/case ID strings on the sticker need to be moved about 2 mm to the left, in order to lie centered in relation to the added short line near the bottom of the sticker (the line lies about 1 mm above the referral/case ID string on the bottom of the sticker, so the former does not need to be moved downwards).
     4 * A fixed number of biopsy forms for each case ID should be created. The default number of forms to create is 2.