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    1 Design update:
    3  * As the result of discussions at the SCAN-B-rec/MeLuDI meeting 2019-10-22, some modifications of the MeLuDI software were decided:
    5 Old items decided on meeting 2019-06-19:
    6  1. Item heritage: Items should be connected via database parent-child relations (currently some items are connected via annotation values). Typically the Patient `BioSource` item is at the top, with a Case `Sample` child item.
    7  2. The naming convention is simplified, in order to shorten the names of most items, which makes it easier to fit the name on a label. Now an item name typically consists of a root item name, consisting of a prefix + a serial number of fixed size, plus a dot ".", a child item specifier character or string ("s" for specimen, "d" for DNA, "r" for RNA), and an optional number, if the item is not the first of the child item type for the root item. The root item serial numbers are chosen from the same series for each root item type, e.g. Case items, FFPE block items, RNAlater items.
    8  3. DNA and RNA extract items should now be created by the extraction wizard, not earlier.
    10 Changes related to specific wizards:
    11 Old items decided on meeting 2019-06-19:
    12  4. FFPE section (specimen) registration:[[BR]]a. Selection list should only be extended with new items after section order form has been approved.[[BR]]b. Tumor cell percentage should be moved to its own wizard.
    13  5. Lab tracking protocol for FFPE extraction: Labels for DNA/RNA should be created.
    15 New items:
    16  6. FFPE block registration: 0 number of blocks should be allowed.
    17  7. FFPE section order form: Barcode and text under barcode should contain PAD number + "_" + block/material number.
    18  8. FFPE section (specimen) registration: Wizard simplified, # of sections.
    19  9. New wizard: "Case registration" changed to "Select samples to process ()". Labels and box positions available. Lab tracking protocol.
    20 10. RNA/DNA details text: !NanoDrop, RNA, DNA: "Plate" -> "Box" positions.
    21 11. DNA/RNA Quantification wizard: Null pointer exception should be fixed.