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    1 Design discussion.
     1Discussion regarding site prefix:
    33 * Currently the only MeLuDI project using a site prefix is the SCAN-B-rec project. Although the aim is to make the corresponding functionality general enough for other projects to use it, initially the design will be based on the requirements of the SCAN-B-rec project.
    55 * Use of the first two digits in the serial number of the case/sample name as site prefix is the same convention as use for the site prefix in the SCAN-B project (although in the latter project, there are restrictions on what samples are connected to a case). A desire has been expressed to use the same site prefixes in SCAN-B-rec, as for SCAN-B, for sites used in both projects (no risk of confusion regarding the project owner for a specific sample exists, since the SCAN-B-rec project will use project prefix "REC" for case/sample numbers). Sites currently only used in the SCAN-B project will be added to MeLuDI.
    66 * Site prefixes for hospital sites currently unique to MeLuDI, but not used in the SCAN-B project, will be assigned a preliminary site prefix in MeLuDI, to be fixed before the start of the SCAN-B-rec project.
     8Design discussion.
     10 * For a project using site prefix, the current MeLuDI sample registration feature of showing the next available case name in the input field for the latter, needs to be removed, since the site is unknown, and will affect the number part of the case name.