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     1= Updating to Reggie 2.15 =
     3The following items should be performed after updating to Reggie 2.15.
     5'''NOTE! The procedures in this document are preliminary and may change before the final release! '''
     7=== 1. Remove incorrectly registered `SequencingRun` items ===
     9All `SequencingRun` items registered with Reggie 2.14 are incorrectly registered. The easiest way to fix this is to remove all existing
     10`SequencingRun` and use Reggie 2.15 to redo the registration. The following steps should work:
     13 1. Go to '''View->Derived bioassays'''.
     14 2. Make an export of all columns in case comments, annotations and other information is needed when re-registering.
     15 3. Select all `SequencingRun` items.
     16 4. Use '''Set owner''' to take ownership of all selected items (to make it easier to delete them from the trashcan).
     17 5. Click '''Delete'''. This should put all selected `SequencingRun` items in the traschcan.
     18 6. Go to '''View->Trashcan''' and finalize the deletion.
     20=== 2. Redo the sequencing startup registration ===
     22The delete information about `SequencingRun` items need to be re-registered using the '''Register sequencing started''' wizard.
     23The wizard should be completed once for each flow cell (no pair-wise registration).
     25 1. Go to '''Extensions->Reggie''' and start the '''Register sequencing started''' wizard.
     26 2. '''Operator''' and '''Comments''' can be copied from the information that was exported in step 1.2 above.
     27 3. All other information is retreived from the `runParameters.xml` file that is created by the !HiSeq for each sequencing run.
     28 4. Finish the wizard and repeat for each flow cell.
     30The '''Register sequencing ended''' and '''Confirm sequencing completed''' wizards can then be used to finalize the registration for each of the sequencing runs.