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     1= Agilent plug-ins package for BASE =
     3A standard installation of BASE includes support for Agilent 2-channel arrays. This package adds support of Agilent 1-channel arrays to a BASE server running version 2.14 or later.
     5This package contains one plug-in specific for Agilent 1-channel arrays.
     6 - Background correction: Illumina !BeadStudio inspired [ background correction methods].
     9== Documentation ==
     11[source:/plugins/base2/net.sf.basedb.agilent/tags/1.0/README README] contains general information about the plug-ins.
     13[source:/plugins/base2/net.sf.basedb.agilent/tags/1.0/INSTALL INSTALL] describes how to install the plug-in package. It is important that you read this document and perform all steps in the installation procedure. The supplied plug-ins require additional raw data tables and properly annotated reporters for proper functionality.
     15[source:/plugins/base2/net.sf.basedb.agilent/tags/1.0/README_PluginDetails README_PluginDetails] contains detailed information on some of the plug-ins provided by this package.
     18== License ==
     20[ GNU General Public License version 3].
     23== Download ==
     25=== Binary package ===
     27|| Version || Revision || Date           || Binary (tar.gz) || BASE Version ||
     28|| 1.0     || -        || Not yet        || [attachment:wiki:net.sf.basedb.agilent:agilent-plugins-1.0.tar.gz?format=raw agilent-plugins-1.0.tar.gz] ([attachment:wiki:net.sf.basedb.agilent:agilent-plugins-1.0.tar.gz.MD5?format=raw MD5]) || 2.14 ||
     30=== Source code repository ===
     32The latest released (stable) source is retrieved with
     34svn co agilent-1.0
     36The development (''maybe unstable; do not use on a production server'') branch is retrieved with
     38svn co agilent-devel
     40or [source:plugins/base2/net.sf.basedb.agilent/trunk browse the subversion repository].
     43== Contribute ==
     45After making modifications to the source code, compose a clear and concise log message to describe those changes and the reasons for them. Then, send an email to the developers list containing your log message and the output of `svn diff` (from the top of your subversion working copy). If the community members consider your changes acceptable, someone who has commit privileges will add your changes to the public source code tree. Recall that permission to directly commit changes to the repository is granted on merit - if you demonstrate comprehension of subversion, programming competency, and a ''team spirit'', you will likely be awarded that permission.
     48== Feedback ==
     50Please use the [ BASE mailing lists] for discussions about the Illumina plug-ins. You have to login to this trac environment to be able to report bugs, enhancement ideas, and feature requests. Login with user-id '''base''' and password '''base''' and use the [ ticket reporting system].
     53== TODO ==
     55''Assigned tickets:''
     58''Open but not assigned tickets:''
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