Jan 20, 2009:

1:51 PM Ticket #175 (Update the ant script to include contrib directory when creating package.) created by Jari Häkkinen
Also add a pointer in the README to the contrib directory and explain …
1:49 PM Ticket #174 (Change license to GPL 3 for the illumina package?) created by Jari Häkkinen
At 1.3 release?
1:48 PM Ticket #173 (Remove the float to integer conversions in beadstudio2ibs.pl when ...) created by Jari Häkkinen
related to ticket:171
1:47 PM net.sf.basedb.illumina edited by Jari Häkkinen
Added info on beadstudio2ibs (diff)
1:38 PM Changeset [938] by Jari Häkkinen
Added svn property.
1:36 PM Changeset [937] by Jari Häkkinen
Added beadstudio data to IBS data converter.

Jan 19, 2009:

4:16 PM Ticket #172 (Why is there a check for LIBTOOL in configure.ac in the WeNNI project?) created by Jari Häkkinen
Remove the check if not needed.

Jan 15, 2009:

5:33 PM se.lu.onk.IlluminaSNPNormalization edited by markus
11:10 AM Ticket #171 (IBS raw data importer should be able to handle floats in some columns) created by Jari Häkkinen
There are four columns in IBS files: Illumicode,N,Mean GRN,Dev GRN …
10:58 AM Ticket #170 (Result dialouge after batch importing several raw bioassays is ...) created by Jari Häkkinen
The plugin reports the number of files imported but it should say …

Jan 8, 2009:

4:18 PM Changeset [936] by Peter Johansson
add --force option in autoreconf call in bootstrap. The reason this is …

Jan 7, 2009:

9:50 AM Ticket #169 (Running two "New root bioassay set" jobs at the same time makes the ...) created by Nicklas Nordborg
Moved from http://base.thep.lu.se/ticket/1224. This is at least true …

Dec 21, 2008:

5:01 PM Changeset [935] by Jari Häkkinen
Removing braches.
4:59 PM se.lu.thep.affymetrix edited by Jari Häkkinen
Added link to repository. (diff)
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