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     1= Updating to !MeLuDi 1.2 =
     3Updating to !MeLuDi 1.2 requires some manual changes to the items that already exist. This is due to the decision to exchange the annotation type `MutationAnalysis` option value "`KRAS_NRAS`" for two new values "`KRAS`" and "`NRAS`", since currently few samples have been registered with the former value, and new referral forms contain individual check boxes for the two latter choices. The affected sample items should have the `MutationAnalysis` annotation updated as part of the installation to have both values "`KRAS`" and "`NRAS`" selected, instead of "`KRAS_NRAS`", since the latter option will no longer be available. See ticket:725 for more information. Follow this procedure:
     5== 1. Update to !MeLuDi 1.2 ==
     7Among other things, this will add option values "`KRAS`" and "`NRAS`" for the `MutationAnalysis` annotation.
     9== 2. Exchange `MutationAnalysis` annotations for all relevant cases ==
     11Find all `Case` items that have value "`KRAS_NRAS`" for the `MutationAnalysis` annotation. Select each item in BASE, and open the `Edit` dialog. In the "`Annotations & parameters`" tab, select annotation `MutationAnalysis`, and check both values of "`KRAS`" and "`NRAS`", while unchecking "`KRAS_NRAS`". Click the "`Save`" button to store the changes.
     13== 3. Remove option value "`KRAS_NRAS`" for the `MutationAnalysis` annotation ==
     15Select BASE menu option `Administrate -> Types -> Annotation types` to display a list of annotation types. Select the `MutationAnalysis` annotation type, and open the `Edit` dialog. In the "`Options`" tab, remove option "`KRAS_NRAS`" from the list of allowed values. Click the "`Save`" button to store the changes.