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    33Since we are already generating different subfolder structures for regular and external samples it should not be too difficult to add settings for an 'external project archive'. Basically we need another configuration setting in the XML file (`<external-project-archive>`) and one more fileserver item (`ExternalProjectArchive`).
     5For external samples with an underscore in the name the characters before the underscore should be used as the name of the top-most folder inside the external project archive. External samples without an underscore doesn't have the extra folder. For example:
     7 * AA_FOO is stored in <external-archive>/AA/AA_FOO
     8 * AA_BAR is stored in <external-archive>/AA/AA_BAR
     9 * BB_XYZ is stored in <external-archive>/BB/BB_XYZ
     10 * MYSAMPLE is stored in <external-archive>/MYSAMPLE
     12The folder structure is repeated in the BASE server file structure, but instead of using `/home/SCANB/SecondaryAnalysis` as the main directory, `/home/External/SecondaryAnalysis` should be used.
     14Already existing information have to be fixed so that it is compatible with the new scheme. Some things may be possible to do with batch importers, some things may have to be done manually. The details about this should be documented in a special update notes wiki page.